Saturday, 14 January 2012

Our very first harvest

And there it was: our fresh, juicy harvest! To be honest, the green beans were quite covered with slimy black louses, but hey, that is just the outside. To mention more garden troubles, our apples were eaten by caterpillars and the carrots didn't sprout. However, our harvest was pretty good for first-year gardeners!

We baked and cooked pretty dishes, one of it is rhubarb-apple pie, and stored the rest of the harvest in the fridge. 

The garden in June was prettier than we expected, even though only half of our 200 mwas taken on by us. 

Our last major project this summer was the renovation of the garden house. Thanks to handy family and neighbors we now have a little kitchen, a porch, a shed and an extra window! 
And even still, pretty surprises came out and brightened up the garden. And us.

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