Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Perfect lettuce

As if we bought it at the supermarket and put it in the soil. As if we overloaded it with pesticides and sealed our garden hermetically against all living influences. As if we used highly unnatural seeds and stuffed the seedlings with extra artificial growing- and chemical color-supplements. This is the result of simply covering your lettuce with a thin plastic sheet with little holes, and add some water now and then. Beautiful food can be so simple!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Simple classic pasta dish

I present you the recipe for the most simple, perfect, classic pasta dish. Great food for if you forgot the time while doing all sorts of things in the garden - and suddenly felt very hungry.

From the garden:
- spinach
- salad rocket (if you like it a little bitter),
- and/or chard
- optional: chive flowers

From the cupboard:
- pasta
- sundried tomatoes
- optional: cheese leftovers/feta/pecorino
- olive oil
- lemon juice
- pepper, salt

Cook the pasta. Wash the greens in the meantime, and cut or tear the leaves, together with the tomatoes and cheese. Drain the pasta. Add the ingredients to the hot pasta and add some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper by taste. Decorate the dish with chive flowers.
Easy peasy and tasty as a green, sunny garden.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fresh spring detox tea

Spring is finally in full bloom. The fresh light green to yellow leaves are everywhere, including the colors of blossoms and spring flowers. Did you know that many plants can be eaten - and are the tastiest - when you pick the juicy young shoots? Think of green beans, fenugreek, hop or the most famous spring vegetable: asparagus. Nowadays one can buy sprouts, or the seeds of tiny cresses, as a form of health food. It is priced with extra antioxidants and more nutrients than its adult form. Also lettuce variations or beans are softer, crispier and juicier when picked in early spring. When the vegetables grow older, they will become tougher, leathery and often with  hard-to-get-through strings. 

Here is a simple fresh recipe for a spring detox tea. Remember to take advantage of the currently growing fresh springy tops!

Pick one of the following garden herbs:

- St. John's wort (mainly the flowery tops, but watch out if you're on medication)
- Dandelion (leaves or root)
- Nettle (see our post on nettles)
- Golden rod (mainly the flowery tops)

And add for a nice taste (detox herbs can be bitter):
- Lemon balm
- Mint
- Fresh spring fruits

Tear the leaves in little pieces and pour boiled water over it. Leave the mixture for some minutes and drink it warm, or let the drink cool for ice-tea. If you prefer the latter, don't forget to add some lemon juice!