The garden

The situations and possibilities described in our posts are probably not all applicable in every country or climate. Places with other temperatures, seasons, soils and insects might face difficulties (or enhancements) with some of the plant species and methods described in our blog. Therefore the following information will introduce you to the climate and geology of our garden. 

Geographical info about the garden
We are both born and bred in Holland, but have seen many parts of the world. However, we still have our basis in the Netherlands, and therefore our garden is situated there as well. The west of Holland is located underneath the sea level. This means, without dikes, our house would naturally be flooded with sea water. Consequently, the west of Holland is mainly made by accumulations of clay from the North Sea. Indeed, the soil of our garden consists of clay as well. It can be moist, dense and though to work, but it is very fertile.

Holland has a moderate sea climate with four seasons. There are no clear wet or dry periods; there is a chance of rain everyday, with an average annual rainfall of 700-900 mm. The mean temperature in winter (December to February) is 0 to 5 degrees Celsius and in summer (June to August) 15 to 22. There are extremes lately, for example a very dry period in June last year, and it was extremely cold (for Holland) last January (-25C). We also experience a trend of one month of drought followed by a wet month, or on the other hand a cooler month than average followed by the other extreme: a hot month in a period where it is not expected. So everything can happen in Holland, but the weather always finds its balance - and it makes our plants strong.