Friday, 13 January 2012

From grey to green

In March 2011, we had created the basic outline of the garden; used more than half of the found material; added extra soil, dung and shred; and we had put some of the remaining plants in place. It was wonderful to see little greens and flowers coming up after looking at this flat, grey moonscape for months.

Because the garden was left to nature the last couple of years, it was full of ranking weeds that had to be stripped as soon as possible. In the meantime the plants that were already present in the garden came up, such as chives, rhubarb, lovage, blackberry and all kinds of small flowers. The magnificent willow and pear tree started to flower, and our planted veggies begin to grow in the open soil.

In May, the transformation into a fruitful green garden showed off tremendously, after sowing flower seeds, planting a plum tree and all kinds of berries, creating a bed of herbs. Also, the vegetable square was filled with sprouting greens. 

Little paths and beds created from the recycled artifacts made a lovely look. At the same time it is necessary to be able to reach all places for sowing and harvesting.

At the backside of the garden, next to the water ditch, we stored the remaining tiles as embankment, flattened the ground and created a little Mexican milpa with beans, pumpkins and coloured maize. What followed was the recipe for harvest: water, weed and... wait.

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