Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The first couple of months

And we are one year on. In October 2010 we bought our allotment in Delft. It was abandoned, neglected and overgrown; so we took the daunting task to transform this barren wasteland into a beautiful and fruitful garden.

At the one hand frustrating while in the same time interesting, we found a collection of curiosities underneath the plants and buried in the earth. From gnomes, deer antlers, plastic flowers (who needs that in a garden anyway?) to steel spikes, asbestos and other serious demarcations we soon found ourselves in what seemed as excavating a herding paranoid's squat. A talk with the neighbors revealed that the second last owner of the plot was an 80-year old woman who brought a stone a day to the garden, slowly paving it. The last owners almost never came, so for the last two years nature had a chance to overgrow the stone desert.

Next to the rubbish we found usable recycling material such as potsherds, roof tiles, ceramic sewer pipes and over a hundred paving stones. Making use of the stones we could outline our project; making partitions and plant beds.

In early spring it was more or less time to start filling the garden with greens. Broad beans were the first veggies to be planted in the garden. 

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