Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mind the cat, mind the cat

One very nice characteristic of tubers, roots, bulbs and rhizomes among others, is that you can put a part of it in the ground, and the next year you can dig up at least the quadruple. That is really how simple and efficient gardening is. Next to this, these are mainly the vegetables that will stay edible even after you harvested them some time ago. The trick is to store them in the right place.

We had a reasonable harvest of topinambour and oca. To be able to eat them even in winter, we decided to store the tubers in a bucket filled with sand. In this way, they would not be bruised or damaged by frost. Furthermore, placed in our kitchen, we could easily pick them to make a dish out of it. However, we discovered one very unfortunate disadvantage: the bucket also made an excellent cat's box... 

Nevertheless, instead of eating the ammonia tubers, we've now decided to plant them once again to multiply our harvest next year. 

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