Saturday, 23 June 2012

Women's apothecary

That time of the month. Something that keeps women in touch with natural cyles, but it never comes convenient. Every woman reacts differently to her period: with change of moods, migraine and in most times it includes stomach- and lower back ache. Contraceptive pills can reduce pains and regulate menstruation, but it is artificial and distorts the environment and body with synthetic hormones. 
To soften menstruation complaints in a natural way, there are herbs specially for women. One of those can be found in every (grand)parent's garden: Lady's Mantle. It is an easy growing perennial plant with beautifully shaped soft leaves (indeed, as a mantle). The raindrops that assemble on the leaves were part of alchemist's brews for the quest of the philosopher's stone. Already in the early modern period, Lady's Mantle was used in several female treatments for fertility, childbirth, menstruation and uterus complaints.

This is the blend I drink for my monthly stomach cramps and accompanying nausea: it includes Lady's Mantle (dried or fresh leaves picked during and after flowering) for its sedative quality on female organs and reduction of menstruation pain; and ginger which helps against nausea, painful menstruations - and it tastes good. Just take one or two leaves of Lady's Mantle and some slices of ginger and add hot water to make a nice tea.
As stated above, every woman's body reacts differently, so try several herbs to find out what you need. Here are some other herbs that diminish menstruation complaints: Silverweed, Yarrow, Shepherd's purs, chamomile flowers and lavender. Click on the wikipedia links to see pictures of the plants; I am sure you will recognize these plants as very common 'weeds' in gardens, fields and forests, so supply yourself with this natural apothecary.

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